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01_31_Two_Lens_System_Sol - Is it virtual or real Is it...

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Physics 212 1/31 HW Handout Name_______________________ Spring 2002 Two Lens System Due Monday 2/4 1) Below is a two lens system and an object positioned 18cm in front of the first lens. Your job is to locate the final image and its size. You need to show how the math matches your ray diagram although I am not worried about your ray diagrams being perfect. Show the location and size (magnification) of both the first and final image.
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Unformatted text preview: Is it virtual or real? Is it upright or inverted? The locations of the focal points are given in the diagram. The lenses are 14cm apart. List the steps you took in order to find the final image and show your work. Things get cluttered so there are two copies to work from. f 2 = -6cm f 1 = 12cm f 1 = 12cm f 2 = -6cm...
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