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03_12_Plate_Potential - Find all the following quantities...

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Physics 212 3/12 HW Handout Name____________________________ Spring 2003 Plate Potential Due Friday 3/14 All the questions below refer to two charged plates with equal but opposite charge density σ o . You may consider them insulating or conducting, it will not matter. The questions are designed to help you relate potential difference V, potential energy changes PE, the electric field E, and the charge density σ o . 1) The two plates are 10 cm apart with unknown charge densities +/- σ o . Ignore any gravitational effects. A +3 μ C charge of 2mg (10 -6 kg) is released from rest very near the positive plate at A and is observed to have a velocity of 5x10 4 m/s when it is 5 cm away from the positive plate at B.
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Unformatted text preview: Find all the following quantities showing all your work/reasoning . There are many routes to take so indicate which one you find first, second, third, etc. You do not have to find them in the order given and some will depend on other answers. Specify directions where appropriate. a) Find the electric field between the plates. b) Find the potential difference from A to B, ∆ V AB . c) Find the charge density on the plates in C/m 2 . d) Find the potential energy difference from A to B, ∆ PE AB for the +3 μ C charge. e) Find the potential difference from A to C, ∆ V AC . f) Find the velocity of the particle when it passes point C. 10 cm A B C + σ o-σ o...
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