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Physics 212 3/24 HW Handout Name____________________________ Spring 2003 Plate Potential 2 Due Thursday 3/27 1) The electric potential difference between two plates is 200 J/C. There is no battery connecting the two plates so charge cannot move from one to the other. a) A +3C charge of 2g is released from rest near the positive plate. What is its speed when it reaches the negative plate? Show your reasoning/work. b) What is the E field between the plates if they are 2cm apart? Show your reasoning/work. c) Find the charge density on the plates.
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Unformatted text preview: Show your work/reasoning. Now the plates are moved so they are twice as far apart, or 4cm. d) Find the E field and the potential difference between the plates. Show your work/reasoning Now a 300V (J/C) battery is connected across the plates. The positive terminal of the battery is connected to the left plate and the plates are still 4cm apart. e) Find the E field between the plates and the charge density on the plates in this configuration. Show your reasoning/work....
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