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04_09_Magnetism - point at location A Explain your...

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Physics 212 4/9 HW Handout Name_______________________ Spring 2003 Magnetism Due Friday 4/11 1) There is a B-field inside the box at right. An electron (-charge) enters the box from the left and follows the curved path shown at constant speed . a) What direction does the acceleration point at location A? Describe the angle the acceleration vector makes with the velocity vector at that location. b) What direction does the force on the electron point and what direction does the B-field
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Unformatted text preview: point at location A? Explain your reasoning. c) Find the strength of this B-field if the radius of the path is 0.5 m and the electron’s velocity is 3 x 10 4 m/s. Hint: You need to use F net = ma. d) If we wanted the electron’s path to be undeflected in the box as shown, we could add a E-field inside the box. What direction should it point to accomplish this? Explain your reasoning. A...
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