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04_14_Wires - B field in terms of μ o I o/2 π r o = B o...

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Physics 212 4/14 HW Handout Name_______________________ Spring 2003 Wires Due Thursday 4/17 1) Given the arrangements of wires with currents into and out of the page, find the resultant (net) B-field at the locations marked with an . Draw the B-field vectors for the individual wires consistent with the size of the currents and the distance from the wire. Express the net
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Unformatted text preview: B field in terms of μ o I o /2 π r o = B o and find the angle the B field points. (Recall how you did this for the E field.) Wire 2 has twice (2I) the current of wire 1. Current 1 is out of the page and current 2 is into the page. Show all your reasoning including vector components for C. Please be neat. I o 1 2 2I o r o r o r o r o r o C A B...
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