CH 1 HW - Homework N0 1(40 points CH 1 Invitation to...

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Homework N0 1. (40 points) CH 1. Invitation to Biology . I. Multiple Choices (0.5 points each). Select the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question then fill the corresponding box-square on the Scantron sheet. 1. In an experiment, the experimental group a. is statistically the most important part of the experiment b. is not subjected to experimental error c. is not exposed to experimental treatments d. is maintained under strict laboratory conditions e. is treated exactly the same as the control group, except for one independent variable 2. Organisms designated as producers usually obtain their energy from a. the sun b. other producers c. decomposers d. dead consumers e. all of these 3. Of the following, which is the testable answer to a question? It is sometimes called an "educated guess." a. principle b. law c. fact d. hypothesis e. theory 4. In order to reduce bias, scientists usually prefer experiments that lead to what kind of results? a. imprecise b. quantitative c. subjective d. ambiguous e. qualitative 5. Hypotheses are a. testable predictions b. often in the form of a statement c. sometimes crude attempts to offer a possible explanation for observations d. often expressed negatively e. all of these 6. Which domain(s) is(are) made up of organisms without nuclei? a. Archaea b. both Archaea and Bacteria c. both Bacteria and Eukarya d. Bacteria e. Eukarya 7. Members of which kingdom are usually multicellular producers? a.
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CH 1 HW - Homework N0 1(40 points CH 1 Invitation to...

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