CH 2 HW - Homework N0. 2 (40 points). CH 2. Life's Chemical...

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Homework N0. 2 (40 points). CH 2. Life's Chemical Basis . I. Multiple Choices (0.5 points each). Select the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question then fill the corresponding box-square on the Scantron sheet. 1. The atomic weight (or mass) of an atom is determined by the weight of a. protons only b. neutrons and protons c. neutrons only d. neutrons and electrons e. protons and electrons 2. All atoms of an element have the same number of a. electrons b. neutrons c. protons and neutrons d. protons e. ions 3. What type of bond is formed whenever atoms share a pair of electrons? a. peptide b. covalent c. double d. hydrogen e. ionic 4. Which substance is NOT an element? a. oxygen b. hydrogen c. carbon d. water e. chlorine 5. The atomic number is determined by the number of a. neutrons only. b. neutrons and protons. c. neutrons and electrons. d. protons and electrons. e. protons only. 6. What is the smallest portion of a substance that retains the properties of an element? a. atom b. ion c. mixture d. compound e. molecule 7. A molecule is a. less stable than its constituent atoms separated b. electrically charged c. a carrier of one or more extra neutrons d. a combination of two or more atoms e. none of these 8. Of the following, an atom with the atomic number ____ would be the least reactive. a.
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CH 2 HW - Homework N0. 2 (40 points). CH 2. Life's Chemical...

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