CH 4 HW - Take Home Quiz. N0.1. (40 points) CH4. Cell...

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Take Home Quiz. N0.1. (40 points) CH4. Cell Structure and Function . I. Multiple Choices (0.5 points each). Select the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question then fill the corresponding box-square on the Scantron sheet. 1. Which type of junctions allows communication between animal cells? a. blocking proteins b. plasmodesmata c. tight junctions d. gap junctions e. adhering junctions 2. ATP is produced in a. both chloroplasts and mitochondria b. Golgi bodies c. chloroplasts d. mitochondria e. both mitochondria and Golgi bodies 3. To see objects smaller than those that can be resolved by a light microscope, we usually use microscopes that employ a beam of a. X-rays b. protons c. electrons d. photons e. neutrons 4. Organelles used to move chromosomes are the a. microfilaments b. pili c. flagella d. microtubules e. cilia 5. Fluid-filled sacs that may store food or water in cells are called a. nucleoli b. Golgi c. vacuoles d. plastids e. microvilli 6. Amoeba move by using a. cilia and pseudopods b. cilia and flagella c. cilia d. pseudopods e. flagella 7. Large cells work better if they a. are both flat/thin and have folded membranes b. are both spherical and have folded membranes c. are flat/thin d. have folded membranes e. are spherical 8. Scientists use the word "chromosome" to describe a. hereditary material that is not duplicated b. any hereditary material in the nucleus c. an individual DNA molecule with associated proteins d. the total collection of DNA in a cell e. all of these 9. Fatty acids are produced here. a.
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CH 4 HW - Take Home Quiz. N0.1. (40 points) CH4. Cell...

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