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HOMEWORK # 7 ON CHAPTER 13. (40 Points) FROM DNA TO PROTEINS Multiple-Choice Questions (0.5 points each) 1. A nucleotide sequence that a cell can convert to an RNA or protein product is called a(n) a. codon. b. intron. c. messenger. d. gene. e. enzyme. 2. _?_ molecules carry protein-assembly instructions from the nucleus to the cytoplasm. a. Template DNA b. Messenger RNA c. Transfer RNA d. Ribosomal RNA e. all of these 3. The RNA molecule is made up of how many strands? a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 6 e. 12 4. All the different kinds of RNA are transcribed in the a. mitochondria. b. cytoplasm. c. ribosomes. d. nucleus. e. endoplasmic reticulum. 5.      The form of RNA that carries the code from the DNA                      to the site where the protein is assembled is called a. messenger RNA. b. nuclear RNA. c. ribosomal RNA. d. transfer RNA. e. structural RNA. 6. The nitrogenous base found in DNA but not in RNA is a. adenine. b. cytosine. c. guanine. d. uracil. e. thymine. 7. Which substance is found in RNA but not in DNA? a. thymine b. deoxyribose c. uracil d. guanine e. cytosine 8. Uracil will pair with a. ribose. b. adenine. c. cytosine. d. thymine. e. guanine. 9. The synthesis of an RNA molecule from a DNA template strand is a. replication. b. translation. c. transcription. d. DNA synthesis. e. metabolism. 10.     Transcription a. occurs on the surface of the ribosome. b. is the final process in the assembly of a protein. c. occurs during the synthesis of any type of RNA from a DNA template. d.
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CH 13 HW -...

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