ownership effects of centralization ie increasing

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Unformatted text preview: nership has been increasing.. ownership » Effects of centralization, i.e., increasing Effects economic monopoly. economic 12 Political Newsmaking Political s Where the news comes from. s Dependence on official sources. s Mutual needs of the media and public Mutual officials. officials. s Foreign news tends to be sporadic and Foreign episodic. episodic. s Interpretation of political news. 13 Is the Mainstream American News Is Biased? Biased? s There is some disagreement about There whether the media are biased in a liberal biased or a conservative direction. direction. s What is bias or ideological slanting? 14 Prevailing Themes in Political News s Tendencies in media coverage » Beliefs that are assumed. » Values and points of view that are emphasized. » Values that seldom are given coverage. » Ethnocentric point of view in most news reports about Ethnocentric foreign affairs. foreign s The combination of ethnocentrism and the The ethnocentrism dependence on U.S. government news sources dependence has meant that most foreign news coverage supports U.S. foreign policy. U.S. 15 Impact of Mass Media on the Impact Political Process in America Political s Results of relying on incumbent politicians Results as essential news sources. as s Negativity and scandal. s Limited, fragmented, and incoherent Limited, political information. political 16 Effects of the Media on Politics s Media coverage influences public opinion and Media policymaking. policymaking. » Agenda-setting effects — the topics that get the most coverage in the media are the same ones that most people say are the most important problems. people » The media’s framing or interpretation of stories The framing affects how people think about political problems. affects » Trends in what the media cover sometimes diverge Trends from actual trends in problems. from » What appears in the media affects people’s policy What preferences. preferences 17 Policy-Making Effects of Mass Policy-Making Media Media s Influence on policymaking » By affecting what people think is important, the By media indirectly affect what government does when th...
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