Chapter 6

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 6 THE MASS MEDIA & Its Impact THE on Political Participation on 1 “Political Maneuvering, Yes; Political Substantive Issues, No” Substantive s s s The opening vignette is based on a story about how Linda Tripp The at the suggestion of book agent Lucianne Goldberg secretly taped conversations with Monica Lewinsky about her sexual relationship with President Bill Clinton. Major TV networks and news magazines picked up the story Major based on innuendo, without having listened to t he tapes. based The story illustrates that the media are not very interested in The informing the public about important and substantive political and policy issues but concentrate, instead, on the game of politics. politics. 2 Key Issues Regarding the Role of Mass Key Media in the Political Process Media s s In Chapter 6, the authors ask whether the media enrich In or diminish democracy in the United States. or The text addresses major issues concerning the media: » Organization of the mass media » How political news is generated and presented » The relationship between reporters and politicians » How the media influence how citizens think about politics How and public policies and 3 Roles of the Mass Media in Roles Democracy Democracy s The central idea of democracy is that The central ordinary citizens should control what their government does. government s Watchdog over government. s Clarify what electoral choices the public Clarify electoral has. has. s Present a full and enlightening set of ideas Present about public policy to the public. about 4 The Mass Media As Important Elements The of the Political System of s s The mass media serve as critical links among The mass critical political and governmental institutions. political They also act as political institutions in their own They political right. right. » Vehicles for government, political parties, and interest Vehicles groups to speak to citizens. groups » Channels of communication among political and Channels governmental insti...
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