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Governmental the media primarily owned by large

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Unformatted text preview: tutions. governmental » The media, primarily owned by large corporations, are The themselves political actors with their own goals and interests. interests. 5 Development of the Mass Development Media in America Media s The nature of the mass media has been The shaped by structural factors: shaped » Population expansion and dispersion. » Technological innovations from the Technological invention of printing presses to satellites. invention » New forms of corporate business New organization. organization. 6 NEWSPAPERS as Mass Media s Newspapers » Modern newspapers have been made possible Modern by technological developments and economic growth. growth. » Changing structural factors of industrialization Changing and technology changed the shape of political communication and the shape of politics. communication » Newspaper readership: competition from Newspaper television and radio. television 7 MAGAZINES as Mass Media s Magazines » Journals of opinion » Weekly newsmagazines » Large-circulation magazines » Specialized journals 8 RADIO as Mass Media s Radio significantly changed the face of Radio the mass media. the » Commercial radio stations with broad Commercial audiences audiences » Stations all over the country were Stations organized into networks that shared news and other programs. and s Resurgence of modern radio 9 TELEVISION as Mass Media s Transformation of the media by television s Television was invented just before World War Television II. II. » Developed commercially in the late 1940s » Adopted on a large scale in the 1950s. s Polls regularly have shown that most people Polls name television as their most important source of news. of 10 The Impact of the The Communications Revolution Communications s The new media have the potential to The new revolutionize politics. revolutionize » Personal computers and modems in many Personal homes and offices homes » The Internet 11 How the Media Work s Organization of the mass media » Corporate ownership — concentration of ow...
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