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Opinion what appears in the media has a direct effect

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Unformatted text preview: e government responds to public opinion. opinion. » What appears in the media has a direct effect on What policymaking when government reacts to news coverage and investigative reports. coverage 18 Heightened Political Cynicism s Cynicism » As the adversarial attack journalism style has taken over As attack political reporting, serious consideration of the issues or of the behavior of institutions has lost out to a steady diet of charges about personal misbehavior. charges » Is mass media coverage of American politics responsible Is for increased cynicism about political parties, politicians, increased and incumbent political leaders? and 19 Censorship and Government Censorship Regulation Regulation s Government has less legal control over the Government media in the United States than in most other countries. other s The U.S. government does enforce various The technical and substantive regulations on the electronic media. electronic 20 Constitutional Protections s s Overt censorship since the Alien and Sedition Acts Overt Alien of 1798 has primarily been confined to wartime. of The Constitution now is interpreted as forbidding The government from preventing the publication of most kinds of political information. kinds » Exceptions involving national security. » Limitations on prior restraint. Limitations prior » Protection of the media after material has been Protection published. published. 21 Federal Constraints on Electronic Federal Media Media s s s The electronic media are subject to more direct The government regulation, though such regulation is now very limited. very Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Rate regulation » Government regulation of the media is no longer Government significant. significant. » The trend has been toward a free market system with The free little government regulation or interference. government 22 How to Judge the Media s Is it a flaw if the mass media fail to present Is informative, analytical, and sophisticated coverage of political issues? coverage s Is it essential for people to have a lot of Is detailed information? detailed s Does a shortage of good information make Does it difficult for citizens to form intelligent political judgments? political 23...
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