Effects of Religion

Effects of Religion - shoulder and upright in utter silence...

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Desiree De La Rocha Checkpoint 1 Due Thursday 12/09/2010 Professor Marion Effects of Religion As everyone know there are different societies and cultures through the US and world. Some religions believe in on god, others believe in multi deities, and some don’t believe in a god at all. Religion can affect people spiritually, physically, and mentally but there are some Agnosticism in society as well based on the reading. Agnosticism means the denial of the divine but the feeling like not sure if its true and exists or not. Others develop their own intuitive abilities to perceive spiritual truths. An example of different religion are Muslims, they pray they purify ablution and spread their prayer rugs facing Mecca to pray for Allah and Japanese Zen Buddhist sit with crossed legs on their
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Unformatted text preview: shoulder and upright in utter silence. There are many ways people worship their god by myths and symbols. My opinion is that organized religion should unite people not to start separation, stereotypes, and even war. When the pentagon and the World Trade center were attacked by Muslims and Arab people and now they are victims of hate crimes. People would look at them like terrorist whom I think it was wrong The US has many supporters here in the United States that serves our country not only in the US but all over the world. Many innocent people were discriminated because of the war. Living religions (6th ed.). New Jersey: Prentice-Hall Inc. Fisher, M.P. (2005)....
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Effects of Religion - shoulder and upright in utter silence...

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