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MCDB_1AL_Quiz_1_2009 - Name TA MCDB 1AL QUIZ 1 October...

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Name _________________________ TA _____________ MCDB 1AL QUIZ 1 October 11-16, 2009 Scantron Instructions: 1. Use a #2 pencil to complete the form. 2. Write your name and fill in the appropriate bubbles. 3. Write your perm. number in the ID number box and fill in the bubbles. 4. Fill in the entire rectangle of the answer you choose. If you erase, erase completely READ ALL QUESTIONS THOROUGHLY----IN ALL CASES, PICK THE BEST ANSWER 16 QUESTIONS - 1 POINT EACH, UNLESS NOTED OTHERWISE 1. What is the volume sum for these given micropipettes? A. 0.716 ml B. 248 ul C. 707.9 ul D. 0.547 ml E. 0.329 ml 2. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of all eukaryotes? 3. When attempting to view an organism that is approximately 15 μ m in diameter on a compound microscope with 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x and 100x objectives, which objective should be first be used? 4. The theoretical minimum distance that can be resolved by a microscope is dependent upon the: MCDB 1AL Quiz 1 2009 Version: 0 Page: 1
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5. While attempting to view protists of the genus Paramecium (50-350 μ m long) using a light microscope with a 40X objective, you observe insufficient contrast although the slide is directly under the objective. What should you try first? A. Adjust the fine focus. B. Move the stage around. C. Add a drop of immersion oil and switch to the 100X objective. D. Adjust the condenser diaphram E. Nothing, these protists are too small to view on this microscope.
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