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Supplies for 1 brigade day accompanying medical brigade  (1-2 dentists on extractions) Surgical 5 large trash bags Duct tape Hand sanitizer Chairs 2 boxes small gloves 3 boxes medium gloves 2 boxes large gloves 4 rolls of paper towels 2 boxes of lidocaine 2% or septocaine 4% 1 box of non-epinephrine injection 3% 100 short dental infiltration needles (30G) 100 long dental block needles (27G) 2 sharps containers 4 sleeves of gauze (2x2 non-sterile) 50 masks (earloop, preferably) 100 dixie cups 100 dental bibs Topical analgesic with cotton-tipped applicators 10 plastic grocery bags Sterilizing spray or wipes (Cavi Wipes, Lysol Spray, etc.) 5 pair Goggles AAA batteries Absorbable Sutures (10 for week) Disposable Scalpels (10 for week) 2-3 large surgical drapes Hydrogen peroxide One bottle normal saline for irrigation Alcohol swabs or alcohol with cotton balls
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GDB_Supplies_for_1_brigade_day -...

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