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Course Syllabus EE 652/CSCI 652 Wireless Sensor Networks, Fall 2007 Website accessible through Instructor Bhaskar Krishnamachari Macdonald Early Career Chair Assistant Professor Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (by joint appointment) RTH 410, (213) 821-2528 TA: Amitabha Ghosh RTH 419, (213) 740-3759 Catalogue Description Sensor network applications, design, and analysis. Deployment; energy-efficiency; wireless communications; data-centric operation; capacity and lifetime; collaborative signal processing; reliability, fault-tolerance and security. Enrollment & Prerequisites The anticipated steady-state size of the class is about 20 students. The prerequisite for this course is EE/CS 450 (Intro to Networks). Students are expected to have strong programming skills (C/C++/Java) and analytical ability. It is recommended that they have taken EE 465 and CS 402. The course is meant primarily for Ph.D. students in EE and CS as well as second year M.S. students with a high-level of ability, self-motivation and an interest in research. Diagnostic Exam On the first day of class, students will be assigned a take-home diagnostic exam that is intended to gauge their preparation for this class. Students may consult any passive references (books/articles), but must do this exam alone without communicating with or seeking assistance from others. Course Goals From this course, students will gain a thorough introduction to the area of wireless sensor networks. Wireless sensor networks are unattended distributed systems consisting of large numbers of inexpensive devices – each capable of a combination of sensing, communication and computation. Such sensor networks are expected to be deployed in high densities in order to
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obtain detailed information about the operational environment. Applications range from
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Syllabus_EECS652_Fall2007 - Course Syllabus EE 652/CSCI 652...

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