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Unformatted text preview: UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, FALL 2008 1 EE 550: Problem Set # 1 – Additional Problem Due: Wednesday Sept. 3, 2008 [Your answer to this problem should be included as “Problem VI” in your solutions to the first problem set.] PROBLEM VI: ADDITIONAL PROBLEM FOR PROBLEM SET 1 (2-ARMY PROBLEM) Consider the 2-army problem with a LEFT and RIGHT Green army that surrounds another Blue army. If both the LEFT and RIGHT portions of the Green army attack the Blue at exactly the same time, they will win. However, if they attack at different times, they will loose. Suppose LEFT and RIGHT can only communicate by passing messages, where each message can be arbitrarily delayed or lost. However, we assume that if messages are persistently sent, then one will eventually be received. You can assume both LEFT and RIGHT have access to a universal time clock. a) It is known that there is no solution to this problem, that is, there is no protocol for sending messages that will allow both LEFT and RIGHT to eventually synchronize their attacks. For a proof, consider the following simplified scenario: SupposeLEFT and RIGHT to eventually synchronize their attacks....
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