ee555hw1fall2007 - EE555: "Broadband Networks Architecture"...

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EE555: "Broadband Networks Architecture" Professor A. Zahid, Fall Semester 2007 HW#2: Due September 14 Reading Assignment Chapter 8: Review Chapter 4: Entire Chapter 5: Entire This homework contains problems on basic Queuing analysis. Review the material of Chapters 8 (sections 8.2 through Section 8.8) of William Stalling's book and the set of charts we went through on Friday. This material is part of EE465 (which is the Prerequisite of EE555). If you have taken EE465, then this material should be quick refreshment. If you have not taken EE465, then you need to dedicate some time to comprehend this material. Problem Assignment 1. Chapter 8, Stallings Book, Problems 8.10, 8.11 and 8.17 2. Suppose a company has a router with 10 interfaces (each at 10 Mbps) to its ISP. Outgoing packets arrive to the router according to a Poisson distribution with mean value, λ = 50,000 packets/sec. The packet lengths are exponentially distributed with mean 1000 bits. When the outgoing packets arrive at the router, they are "randomly" dispatched to one of the
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ee555hw1fall2007 - EE555: "Broadband Networks Architecture"...

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