ee555hw4fall2007 - EE555"Broadband Networks Architecture...

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EE555, Zahid, Fall-2007 1 EE555: "Broadband Networks Architecture" Professor A. Zahid, Fall Semester 2007 HW#4: Due Friday, October 12 Reading Assignment "William Stalling" Text: Chapter 15: Entire Chapter Chapter 16: Section 16.1 Problems Assignment 1. William Stalling's Book, Chapter 15, #15.5, 15.6 and 15.7 2. Consider the following network with 7 nodes. Each link is labeled with its cost a) Find the shortest path from node A to all other nodes in the network using Dijkstra’s algorithm. Show all steps. b) For this part (independent from part "a") node C sends a packet using flooding, what is the total number of packets generated in each of the following two cases: Each node keeps track of the flooded packets and discards duplicate The maximum hop count is equal to 2 A G B C E D 1 4 1 3 2 3 1 2 F 3 5 3
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EE555, Zahid, Fall-2007 2 3. An ISP was assigned a CIDR block of A client organization needs 1000 IP addresses from the ISP for its Internet connection purposes. The ISP decided to offer it a CIDR block of
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ee555hw4fall2007 - EE555"Broadband Networks Architecture...

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