57350 - Spring.08 Syllabus EE 579 Wireless and Mobile...

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Spring.’08 Syllabus EE 579: Wireless and Mobile Networks Design and Laboratory Innovative Applications and Network Protocols for Mobile Wireless Devices Annavaram & Krishnamachari The compute capability of today’s high end mobile devices rivals the desktop performance of the early 90s. With increasing system integration these devices now offer rich set of features that are uniquely well suited for mobile environments, such as built in GPS receivers, multi mega pixel cameras with video recording capability. The next step in progression is the development of software that takes advantage of these features to provide services to mobile users on the go. To effectively make this transition to a mobile software world with ubiquitous connectivity one needs to understand the entire mobile system stack, from network protocols to the application layers. This course aims to provide a thorough understanding of how to design mobile applications using top-of-the-line Nokia N95 mobile devices. There will be several lectures introducing students to key topics pertaining to the wireless network protocols (Cellular networks, Bluetooth, 802.11*, GPS), mobile application infrastructure (MIDP) and three-tier client-server architecture (databases, Java application servers). These lectures will be augmented with several prototype demos that show how to take advantage of various sensors on the N95 (Camera, GPS, Bluetooth) phone. Further, we will have several invited guest lectures from industrial and academic research labs highlighting the state-of-the-art in mobile platform research. Alongside the lecture component, there will be a significant (read as LOTS OF CODING) hands-on component that focuses on project development experience where students in groups (of 2-3) will propose, implement and demonstrate an end - to -end mob i le application that satisfies a compelling user need and uses several “cool” features of N95. Instructors Info: Instructor: Murali Annavaram Office Hours: Office: EEB 232 Tues: 2-4PM Other Days: By appt. E-mail: [email protected] Office Phone: (213) 740-3299 Instructor: Bhaskar Krishnamachari Office Hours: Thursdays: 1-3PM Other Days: By appt. Office: RTH 410 E-mail: [email protected] Office Phone: (213) 821-2528 TA Info: TA: Yi Wang Office:
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Course Materials and Info: URL (Blackboard) : http://blackboard.usc.edu Textbook (“Required”) : There is NO required text for this course. But it is expected
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57350 - Spring.08 Syllabus EE 579 Wireless and Mobile...

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