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57413 - 2 Write a Python Script Notice that both are...

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EE579 Assignment 1 Platform installation and Hello World Application University of Southern California Department of Electrical Engineering EE579 Spring 2008 Instructors: Murali Annavaram & Bhaskar Krishnamachari Assignment #1 Due: Jan 28 th 2008, 4PM Requirements: In this assignment, you are simply required to install the platform on your own computer, and create a Hello World Application by the following 2 ways: 1. Create a Hello World MIDlet using J2ME.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Write a Python Script. Notice that both are required works for assignment 1. Submission/Demonstration : For J2ME, you not only have to demonstrate your application on the S60 emulator, but also need to deploy the application on the phone. Once the application is open, “Hello World” should be shown on the screen as text. For Python, once we run your script, “Hello World” should be shown on the screen as text....
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