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EE579 Assignment 4 Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) on N95 University of Southern California Department of Electrical Engineering EE579 Spring 2008 Instructors: Murali Annavaram & Bhaskar Krishnamachari Assignment #4 Due: Feb 18th 2008, 4PM APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS: You will have to achieve the following in this assignment: 1. Create an SVG image including animations. Note that the SVG image must have your own identity (which means that you cannot randomly download one from web, but have to create one by yourself).
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Load the SVG images to the phone. 3. Once the application gets started, the user can choose to start/stop playing the animation. SUBMISSION / DEMONSTRATION : Demonstrate your application to TA/grader. EXTRA INFORMATION: You MUST finish up the coding independently. However, you are encouraged to discuss the general issues of this assignment with other students in the class, and you need to share the N95 devices among each other for test purpose if required....
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