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Lecture 1 - EE EE555Spring2009 Lecture1 Section0: Details...

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EE 555 Spring 2009 Broadband Network Architectures Lecture 1 Section 0: Overview and Administrative Dti l Details Prof. John Silvester Syllabu Syllabus Description (from the University Catalog): ATM and BISDN, switch designs, high speed local campus and metropolitan area networks lightwave and high speed local, campus and metropolitan area networks, lightwave and photonic networks, network management techniques, applications and gigabit testbeds. Prerequisite: EE 450 and EE 465 A slightly longer Course Description: This course focuses on the architecture and technologies (hardware and software), principles of operation, and evaluation and design of integrated broadband computer networks. The course covers a wide range of emerging technologies used in high speed access networks, campus scale networks, and regional/national scale backbone networks. The course will consider various communication techniques (WDM, SONET, optical and electronic switching, wireless, Gigabit Ethernet, POS, etc.), primarily focusing on the physical, link and network protocol layers. The course will also explore switching and routing technologies and architectures. The prerequisites for the course, namely EE450 (Introduction to Computer Networks) and EE465 (Probabilistic Modeling of Computer Systems) are real! usc.den.ee555.200901.silvester.section.0
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Who’s Who and When’s When Who s Who and When s When Class Schedule: Tuesday and Thursday 2:00 3:20, OHE 122 Instructor: John SILVESTER, email: [email protected] , phone: 1.213.740.9730 office: EEB 240 Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 3:30 5:30 (or by appointment, email)
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Lecture 1 - EE EE555Spring2009 Lecture1 Section0: Details...

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