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EE555 – Broadband Network Architectures (Spring 2009) Midterm Sample Problems Question 1. Find the average path length for the grid network described below for a uniform traffic matrix, and find the maximum traffic that the network can handle. Link capacity is C packets per second. (For ݊ ൌ ݇ ) Example for k=3 is specified below. Node 0 is connected to node 1 and node 3 Node 1 is connected to node 2 and node 4 Node 2 is connected to node 0 and node 5 Node 3 is connected to node 4 and node 6 Node 4 is connected to node 5 and node 7 Node 5 is connected to node 3 and node 8 Node 6 is connected to node 7 and node 0 Node 7 is connected to node 8 and node 1 Node 8 is connected to node 6 and node 2 Question 2. Measurements show that on average a link suffers from f L outages per year and that each outage lasts an average of t L hours; and each switch suffers from f S outages per year and each outage lasts an average of t S hours. You can assume that all links have similar characteristics that all switches have similar characteristics, and that failures are independent and uniformly distributed over the year. (a) Compute the expected availability [(number of hours available)/(total number of hours)] for a
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Spring2009_MidtermSampleProblems - EE555 Broadband Network...

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