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Supp%201%20precip%20over%20an%20area - Determining Average...

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1 Determining Average Precipitation Over Large Areas There are many ways to interpret and analyze precipitation data recorded at stations throughout the world. Weather folks like us aren't the only ones interested in precipitation! Engineers and hydrologists are also very interested in precipitation amounts over given areas. The National Weather Service hosts a plethora of maps and charts to aid hydrologists and engineers in their work. Precipitation frequencies, intensities, averages are just some of the aspects of ppt data sought by these men and women. One problem facing engineers and hydrologists is area of consideration. We know we can obtain relatively accurate rain or snowfall amounts at any particular gage (also spelled gauge...go figure), but what about figuring amount that fell over a larger area? One gage will not do! In fact 100s of gages would not do! Take for instance the hydrologist. She may need to know how much precipitation fell over a
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