Clouds & precipitation

Clouds amp precipitation

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Unformatted text preview: Clouds & precipitation Clouds Water vapor Water Source of all precipitation (rain, snow, etc.) Mixes well with other gases in the Mixes atmosphere atmosphere Colorless, odorless gas Water can easily change from one state to Water another freely at the temperature exhibited by the atmosphere by Water’s changes of state Water’s Processes Processes that involve changes of state require that heat be absorbed or released require Under certain conditions, heat may be Under added to a substance without an accompanying temperature change accompanying Heat that does not involve a temperature Heat change is called latent heat change Liquid/gas change of state Liquid/gas Evaporation: Evaporation: process of changing a liquid to a gas to About 600 calories is required to convert About one gram of liquid water to water vapor one During evaporation, the higher During temperature (fast-moving) molecules escape the surface escape Liquid/Gas changes of state (cont.) (cont.) The The energy absorbed by water molecules in changing a liquid to a gas is called the latent heat of vaporization latent heat Condensation Condensation: Condensation: Process in which water vapor changes to a liquid vapor Condensation is an energy-releasing Condensation energy-releasing process process Energy that is required to release this Energy stored energy is called the latent heat of condensation condensation In In order for condensation to occur, water molecules must release their stored heat energy equal to what was absorbed during evaporation evaporation This released energy plays an important This roles in violent weather (such as hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.) hurricanes, Solid/liquid changes of state Solid/liquid Melting: Melting: process in which a solid is changed into a liquid changed One gram of ice (solid water) requires One about 80 calories of heat to change water to the liquid state to Freezing: process in which a liquid is Freezing: changed into a solid changed Freezing one gram of water releases 80 Freezing calories of heat calories Solid/gas changes of state Solid/gas Sublimation: Sublimation: process of changing a solid to a gas to Deposition: process of changing a gas to Deposition: a solid solid (example: water vapor deposits as ice crystals on cold objec...
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