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GailESC2 - Correct rate of cooling of the magma or lava 9...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Chapter Quiz for "Igneous Rocks" Scores for student "Gail" 13 out of 15 points. 86.7% 1. Igneous rocks rich in dark silicate minerals with about 50 percent silica are said to have a(n) __________ composition. + Correct: basaltic (mafic) 2. Igneous rocks are classified based on their texture and mineral composition. + Correct: true 3. Which one of the following is NOT a possible product of a volcanic eruption? + Correct: marble 4. Examine the following close-up of an igneous rock. The rock has a(n) __________ texture. + Correct: phaneritic 5. Examine this aphanitic igneous rock which has a granitic (felsic) composition. The rock's name is __________. + Correct: rhyolite 6. This rock most likely formed in which of these environments? + Correct: a large, deep intrusive body 7. What is the texture of this rock? + Correct: glassy 8. Which one of the following greatly affects the size of mineral crystals in an igneous rock?
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Unformatted text preview: + Correct: rate of cooling of the magma or lava 9. When the minerals in an igneous rock cannot be identified, the composition can be estimated based on the percentage of p- Incorrect: true 10. An igneous rock that consists of fine shards of intertwined glass is __________. + Correct: pumice 11. Rocks that contain voids left by gases that escape as lava solidifies are said to exhibit a(n) __________ texture. + Correct: vesicular 12. In a rock with a porphyritic texture, the smaller crystals are referred to as __________. + Correct: groundmass 13. In a rock with a porphyritic texture, the large crystals are referred to as __________. + Correct: phenocrysts 14. What is the likely texture of an igneous rock that formed in a thin, shallow intrusive body?- Incorrect: coarse-grained 15. Igneous rock originates when hot, molten material called __________ cools and crystallizes. + Correct: magma...
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