GailESC3 - Chapter Quiz for "Sedimentary Rocks"...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Chapter Quiz for "Sedimentary Rocks" Scores for student "Gailesc3" 19 out of 20 points. 95.0% 1. Geologists use __________ to distinguish among detrital sedimentary rocks. + Correct: particle size 2. This detrital sedimentary rock consists primarily of rounded gravel-size particles. + Correct: conglomerate 3. The most abundant chemical sedimentary rock is __________. + Correct: none of the above 4. Which sedimentary rock listed below has a biochemical origin? + Correct: coquina 5. Sediments precipitated by processes such as temperature change, evaporation, and chemical activity are called biochemic a + Correct: false 6. Angular pieces in a detrital sedimentary rock indicates the particles were not transported very far from their source prior to d + Correct: true 7. The most common minerals in detrital sedimentary rocks are __________. - Incorrect: clay and limonite 8. Which common mineral found in igneous rocks is most abundant in detrital sedimentary rocks? + Correct: quartz
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GailESC3 - Chapter Quiz for "Sedimentary Rocks"...

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