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Sheet1 Page 1 Chapter Quiz for "Metamorphic Rocks" Scores for student "Gailesc4" 10 out of 10 points. 100.0% 1. When stress is applied unequally in different directions, it is termed __________. + Correct: differential stress 2. Metamorphic rocks can form from other metamorphic rocks. + Correct: true 3. Which one of these metamorphic rocks is composed predominantly of a single mineral? + Correct: marble 4. What is the major source of heat for contact metamorphism? + Correct: heat from a nearby magma body 5. Which one of the following is NOT an agent of metamorphism? + Correct: crystallization 6. The most common chemically active fluid involved in the metamorphic process is hot water containing ions in solution.
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Unformatted text preview: + Correct: true 7. A metamorphic rock& s texture and composition reflect the degree of metamorphism it has undergone. + Correct: true 8. The ± layered¤ or 3 banded“ appearance resulting from mineral alignment in a metamorphic rock is termed: + Correct: foliation 9. Which one of the following is a foliated metamorphic rock? + Correct: gneiss 10. The texture of the metamorphic rock illustrated in the following close-up photograph is __________. + Correct: foliated...
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