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Sheet1 Page 1 Chapter Quiz for "Glaciers" Scores for student "glaciers1" 20 out of 20 points. 100.0% 1. Where was the Atlantic shoreline of North America 18,000 years ago when ice sheets of the most recent glacial episode w e + Correct: to the east of the present shoreline 2. An end moraine forms when __________. + Correct: accumulation equals wastage 3. Fractures in the uppermost part of a glacier are called __________. + Correct: crevasses 4. As a glacier moves down a valley, the ice in the center moves __________ than the ice along the sides. + Correct: faster 5. During the last major advance of the Ice Age about 18,000 years ago, sea level was about __________ meters _________ _ + Correct: 100 6. Which one of the following regions has NOT been modified by glacial erosion and/or deposition? + Correct: Stone Mountain, GA 7. Maine‹ s Acadia National Park and vicinity is an excellent example of __________. + Correct: an area flooded by the post-Ice Age rise in sea level
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glaciers1 - Chapter Quiz for "Glaciers" Scores...

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