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hydro3 - Correct 0.6 9 Which of the following represents...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Chapter Quiz for "Groundwater" Scores for student "hydro3" 15 out of 15 points. 100.0% 1. The natural flow of groundwater that exists when the water table intersects the ground surface is called a(n) __________. + Correct: spring 2. The shape of the water table is a subdued replica of the surface topography. + Correct: true 3. A(n) __________ is created by the lowering of the water table surrounding a well. + Correct: cone of depression 4. Refer to the diagram. The intermediate belt is shown by which letter? + Correct: B 5. A hole dug into the zone of saturation is called a __________. + Correct: well 6. Refer to the diagram. Which lettered feature is the water table? + Correct: A 7. In the United States, more groundwater is used for this purpose than for any other. + Correct: irrigation 8. About what percentage of Earth° s water is groundwater?
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Unformatted text preview: + Correct: 0.6% 9. Which of the following represents the greatest volume of water? + Correct: groundwater 10. Which one of the following is NOT a geological role of groundwater? + Correct: deposition of gravels 11. This term refers to rock strata or sediments that readily transmit groundwater. + Correct: aquifer 12. Below the water table, in the zone of __________, all the pore spaces in the sediments and rocks are filled with water. + Correct: saturation 13. Which one of the following is NOT a subdivision of the zone of aeration? + Correct: zone of ablation 14. A measure of a material“ s ability to transmit groundwater through interconnected pore spaces is known as its _________ _ + Correct: permeability 15. Refer to the diagram. Which lettered feature is the zone of aeration? + Correct: D...
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