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What_is_Earth_Science - What is Earth Science What The name...

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Unformatted text preview: What is Earth Science? What The name of all the sciences that The collectively seek to understand Earth and its neighbors in space Earth Four areas of Earth science Geology – Study of the earth Oceanography – Studies the oceans Oceanography (integrates chemistry, physics, geology, and biology) and Meteorology – Study of the atmosphere Meteorology and the processes that produce weather and Astronomy – The study of the universe Earth consists of four primary spheres spheres a) b) c) d) Hydrosphere – Consists of our bodies of Hydrosphere water water Atmosphere – Consists of gases the Atmosphere envelope our earth envelope Solid earth – consists of the core, the Solid mantle, and the crust mantle, Biosphere – Includes all life on earth Biosphere (plants and animals) (plants All All these spheres interact with each other, because our earth is a dynamic planet dynamic Systems Systems A system is a group of interacting, or system interdependent parts that form a complex whole whole Examples: solar system, political system, Examples: weather system. weather The earth as a system The Earth’s Earth’s system is powered by energy from two sources: 1) the sun and 2) the earth’s interior earth’s The The sun drives external processes that occur in the atmosphere, hydrosphere, and the Earth’s surface and Heat Heat from the Earth’s interior (generated by radioactive decay) powers internal processes that produce volcanoes, earthquakes, and mountains earthquakes, Earth’s subsystems Earth’s Hydrologic system Tectonic (mountain building) system Climate system Resources Resources 1) Two broad categories Renewable – Resources which can be Renewable replenished over a relatively short period of time. of 2) Nonrenewable – Resources that cannot 2) cannot be replenished over a relatively short period of time period Examples of renewable resources resources Plants, Plants, food, natural fibers, forest products, energy from flowing water, wind, and the Sun. and Examples of nonrenewable resources resources Coal, oil, natural gas, precious metals ...
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