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EXERCISE 10 Genus Species Names Famous Fossils or site? Average cranial capacity Range of dates? Regions where fossils are found Nature of habitat or climate? Tool technology Other Australopithecus anamensis N/A N/A 4 mya East Africa Woodland N/A Gracile afarensis Lucy Lucy’s baby Laetoli Footprints First family Hadar, Ethiopia 430 cc 3.6-3.0 mya East Africa Mosaic N/A Gracile africanus Taung Child 450 cc 3.0-2.0 mya
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Unformatted text preview: South Africa Mosaic N/A Gracile aethiopicus Black Skull 410 cc 2.5 mya East Africa Mosaic N/A Robust boisei 510 cc 2.3-1.2 mya East Africa Mosaic N/A Robust robustus 530 cc 2.0-1.5 mya South Africa Mosaic N/A Robust garhi Bouri, Ethiopia Gona, Ethiopia 450 cc 2.5 mya East Africa Lakeshore Initial tool user??? Gracile; Name means surprise...
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