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Exercise_12 - like conditions Mousterian(Levallois Burials...

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EXERCISE 12 Genus Famous Fossils or site? Average cranial capacity Range of dates? Regions where fossils are found Nature of habitat or climate? Tool technology Other Neanderthals Feldhofer Cave, Germany Shanidar Cave, Iraq La Chapelle aux Saints, France 1400 cc 130,000- 24,000 ya Europe Middle East Cold, arctic
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Unformatted text preview: like conditions Mousterian (Levallois) Burials Large brains Big game hunters Cannibalism? Language? Modern Homo sapiens Beringia Monte Verde, Chile Lascaux, France 1450 cc 200,000 ya -present Everywhere but Antarctica Pleistocene through Holocene Blade tools Atlatl...
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