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ANTHRO 1 PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY Fall 2010 Instructor: Dr. Nicole Slovak Days and Time: MW 10:30 am – 12:00 pm E-mail: [email protected] Location: Emeritus 1564 Office Phone: (707) 521-7884 Section: 0074 Office Hours: MW 12-1pm 3 units TTH 9-10:30 am Office: Emeritus 1539A Course website: COURSE DESCRIPTION This class is designed as an introduction to physical anthropology and explores four major themes: 1. Evolution and Genetics; 2. Modern Human Variation; 3. Primates and Primate Behavior; and 4. the Human Fossil Record. We will review how physical anthropological approaches have shed light on fundamental phenomena of human existence including human origins, biocultural evolution, and human-environment interactions. Throughout the course, we will consider the ways in which physical anthropology actively intersects, and potentially improves, current issues in today’s world. The course is designed for non-majors and presumes no prior anthropological background. COURSE FORMAT The class consists primarily of lectures, though class discussion and participation are encouraged and expected. In addition to lectures, films will be shown. There will be no opportunity to view films or materials outside of class, thus attendance is required in order to do well in the course. COURSE REQUIREMENTS Text Books: There are two required textbooks for the course (see below). You MUST use the correct edition in order to succeed in this course. You are expected to complete all assigned reading prior to that day’s class. Required text: Larsen, Clark Spencer. Our Origins: Discovering Physical Anthropology . ***Also available as an e-book*** Required text: Smith, Dianne and Slovak, Nicole. (Eds.) 2009. Transformations: A Workbook and Readings . Sixth Edition. Boston: Hayden-McNeil Publishing, Inc.
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Exams: There will be three exams throughout the semester. The dates of exams are listed on your on-line course schedule. Tests may consist of multiple choice questions, maps, and identification exercises similar to those found in Section IV of your Transformations text. Exams will cover in-class lectures, films, and readings. Tests will not be cumulative; however familiarity with general principles and theories stressed throughout the course is expected. The final exam will be held during Finals Week,
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Syllabus_0074 - ANTHRO 1 PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY Fall 2010...

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