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EpithelialTissues - Summary of Covering and Lining...

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Summary of Covering and Lining Epithelial Tissues Epithelial Type Characteristics Locations Possible Surface Modifications Functions simple squamous single layer, flat cells, nuclei flattened, and parallel to surface glomerular capsule, endothelium (lining blood vessels), mesothelium, loop of Henle in kidney none rapid diffusion; gas exchange simple cuboidal single layer, nuclei rounded kidney tubules, thyroid, surface of ovary, ducts of sweat glands microvilli (in kidney) secretion and absorption simple columnar single layer of tall cells, perpendicular to surface, nuclei elongated and all on one level stomach, small and large intestines, gall bladder, some larger ducts, bronchioles, uterus microvilli and goblet cells (in intestines)
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