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Biology 10: Genetics Quiz Name _________________ 1. A true breeding fruit fly with tan body color and red eyes was mated with a true breeding fruit fly with black body color and yellow eyes. All of the offspring were tan with red eyes. These F1’s were mated and the offspring counted. a. What was the genotype of each parent: b. What was the genotype of the F1’s? c. In order to figure out the expected proportions of F2’s draw the punnett square below and predict the proportion of F2’s that will tan body color and yellow eyes.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. A man with blood type AB marries a woman with Blood Type O. What are the possible phenotypes of their offspring and the probability of getting each type? 3. Two normal adults have a boy who has fragile-X syndrome, a sex-linked recessive disorder. What are the genotypes of each parent? 4. Extra Credit: A pea plant that is homozygous tall and green podded is crossed with one that is dwarf and yellow podded. All of the offspring are tall with green pods. This offspring is crossed with the dwarf, yellow parent. What are the potential phenotypes of the offspring and what is the probability of getting each....
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