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Scientific Method - Scientific Method This practice quiz is...

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Scientific Method This practice quiz is based on the Lab #1: Basic Biological Concepts. After thorough preparation for the first lab exam, to help test your readiness, quiz yourself and determine which concepts need more attention. The actual exam will not be the same as this one, however some questions may repeat. You may repeat taking this quiz. Questions will vary. Please note that the actual lab exam will be mostly one word or short answers. For this quiz most questions are multiple choice because this computer corrected version will only count your answer as correct if your answer is exactly the same as the answer key. Therefore some correct answers may be marked wrong. Your name : Your email address : Please enter carefully, correctly, and completely 1. In an experiment to determine the effectiveness of a medication for a fish fungal infection which of the following are true? It is important to have a large sample size to avoid chance events. The question in a scientific experiment must be relevant and testable. It is important to consider all possible outcomes, not just the one we perfer to be true. It is important to include all the possible data, not just the data that supports the hypothesis all the statements are true 2. In common language people often use the word "theory" to mean something different than a scientific theory. To avoid confusion what term in the scientific method would be more appropriate to use for a “common theory?” observation question hypothesis experiment evaluation / conclusion
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Scientific Method - Scientific Method This practice quiz is...

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