5.Final_Exam_essay - the theme you have chosen. Make sure...

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Biology 10: Final Exam Take Home Essay 25 points We have covered 5 different themes this semester. You need to pick one of these themes and complete the assignment below. Because this is a take home assignment, you have the opportunity to polish your grammar, spelling and most importantly, organization. You should have an Introduction, Body of the Essay (several paragraphs) and a Conclusion. Structure and Function Unity and Diversity Information Flow Evolution and Adaptation Biological Hierarchy (integrating the different scales of study) Assignment must include: A. Explain the theme clearly, concisely as if you were explaining it to some one who had not taken the class. This should be a stand alone answer, that isn’t about specific examples but rather the general meaning of the theme. B. For each section of the course, pick a specific example and explain how it demonstrates
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Unformatted text preview: the theme you have chosen. Make sure that you take the time to explain your example first and then address how it demonstrates the theme. Again this should be written for someone who had not taken the course. a. Cell biology b. Genetics c. Evolution d. Plant anatomy and physiology e. Animal anatomy and physiology f. Ecology C. Essay Format a. Introductory paragraph: overview of what you are going to say b. Body paragraphs: the information about the theme and each of your examples c. Conclusion: summarize what you discussed and insights into biology and living systems from examining the theme. Due Date: Hard copy on the front desk by 12/16 at 7:30 am Electronic copy in Turnitin.com by 12/ 16 at 7:30 am...
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5.Final_Exam_essay - the theme you have chosen. Make sure...

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