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Essay: Plants from Monday/Wednesday class 1. Describe transpiration: the forces controlling the process and the pathway of water: 2. What adaptations are seen in plant structures to maximize the efficiency of water transport? ( adaptations could be at the cell level {tracheids, root hairs, guard cells} or at the tissue level {epidermal cells secrete the cuticle and the guard cells open and close the stomates b creates a water proof barrier, that can be opened} organ { leaf- large and flat surface area for both psn, and evaporation water} { reduction in leaves b reduce lwater loss}) 3. Pick an organ ( leaf, stem, root) and discuss the adaptations seen at the cell, tissue and/or organ level that maximize the efficiency of the function.- b easily converted into SA questions, and MC questions 4. Compare and contrast water and sugar transport : very hard question!--> excellent way to study b chart or diagram Short Answer 1. Give the pathway of water in a plants body: including the cells and tissues the
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Exam_III_sample_essay_questions - Essay Plants from...

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