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Chem 1B Exam 1 Sample Questions Instructions: For all mathematical problems, show your work. Give the basic formula (if there is one), rearrange it if necessary, plug in data with units, round properly to the correct number of significant figures, and place a box around the answer. For essay questions, be complete, but concise. Complete sentences with proper spelling and punctuation are expected. Useful information: R = 8.314 J/mol . K ln[X] t = -kt + ln[X] o 1 [X] t = kt + 1 [X] o [X] t = -kt + [X] o R = 0.08206 L . atm/mol . K ln(k) = - E a R 1 T + ln(A) ln k 1 k 2 = E a R 1 T 2 - 1 T 1 For questions 1-6, choose the one best answer for each. 1. (2 pts.) Which of the following statements is true? (a) Endothermic reactions have higher activation energies than exothermic reactions. (b) The rate law for a reaction depends on the concentrations of all reactants that appear in the stoichiometric equation. (c) Reaction rates are related to E values for reactions. (d) A catalyst increases a reaction rate by providing more energy to the reactants. (e) The rate constant for a reaction is independent of the concentrations of the reacting species. 2. (2 pts.) Consider the freezing of liquid water at -10°C. For this process what are the signs of H , S, and G? H S G (a) + + + (b) - - - (c) + - - (d) - + + (e) - - + 3. (2 pts.) Consider the dissociation of hydrogen: H 2 (g) 2H(g) One would expect that this reaction (a) will not be spontaneous at any temperature.
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Chem1BExam1SampleTestF10 - Chem 1B Exam 1 Sample Questions...

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