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Placing Multiple Plots On One Graph Using Excel Use columns A and B of an Excel Workbook for the addition of acid to buffer A. Enter volumes in column A and pH in column B. Use columns C and D for addition of base to buffer A, entering volume in C and pH in D. Continue in this way with the next eight columns of the workbook, entering volume and pH for buffer B and DI water. From the menu bar, select Insert Chart. From the dialog box: Chart type: select XY (Scatter) Chart sub-type: select second option in left column (when this is selected, “Scatter with data points connected by smoothed lines” will appear in the box below the columns) Select Next Select Data Range by going back to the Workbook Sheet and selecting the data in columns A and B Click on the Series tab and give Series 1 a name (e.g., Buffer A with acid) Click on Add give Series 2 a name click in X values box and select data in column C from the
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Unformatted text preview: Workbook Sheet highlight what is in the Y box and select data in column D from the Workbook Sheet (a second plot appears on the graph for columns C and D) Click on Add give Series 3 a name and repeat what you did above for columns E and F. Three plots will now be on the graph. Repeat this process with the remaining columns of the Workbook Sheet. The graph will now have six plots. Select Next In Chart Title , give the graph a title In Value (X) Axis , label the X-axis “Volume of Added HCl or NaOH (mL)” In Value (Y) Axis , label the Y-axis “pH” Select Next Select as new sheet Select Finish If you do not have a color printer: change the background for the graph to white (double click in the plot area and select No Fill from the menu options). change the color of each curve to black (click on a curve and change Line and Marker colors to black)...
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