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Anthro43syllabusF10 - Anthropology43 Dr.SandraHollimon...

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Anthropology 43 Native American Art and Culture Dr. Sandra Hollimon Office: Emeritus 1538A     Office Hours: M 10:30-12, T 11-12 Phone: 521-7804 email: [email protected] REQUIRED TEXTS : Berlo, Janet C. & Ruth B. Phillips. NATIVE NORTH AMERICAN ART . 1998. Oxford University Press. Oxford and New York. Bond, Margaret N. NATIVE AMERICAN ART AND CULTURE: A WORKBOOK. Revised Edition, 2008. Pearson Custom Publishing, Boston. Whiteford, NORTH AMERICAN INDIAN ARTS , 1990. COURSE OBJECTIVES : The goal of this course is to help students develop an appreciation of Native American art through an understanding of its varying forms, functions, and symbolism within selected cultures. Art forms will be analyzed in relation to religion and world view, social organization, political and economic systems, and environmental adaptations of specific Native American cultures. Emphasis will be on native cultures of North America, but we will also briefly consider the artwork of the ancient civilizations of Mesoamerica and Peru. COURSE FORMAT : This is basically a lecture class, but your questions and comments are both welcomed and encouraged. Slides, films, and museum assignments will supplement the class lectures. You are expected to read all assigned text material, to complete all written and museum/lab assignments, to take all exams, and to attend class regularly. Dates of exams, the timing of the progress through the course topics, and the due dates for assignments and exams are shown on the course outline. Any changes will be announced in class. You are responsible for all information given in class. Thus, if you are absent, you should try to obtain notes and announcements from a student who was present. EXAMINATIONS AND GRADED ASSIGNMENTS : There will be two midterm exams and a final exam. All of the exams will consist of two question types: multiple choice and slide identifications. You will need to bring a scantron form and #2 pencil for each exam. In addition to the exams during the semester,
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there will be a short culture area quiz and 6 required museum-laboratory assignments.
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Anthro43syllabusF10 - Anthropology43 Dr.SandraHollimon...

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