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ANTHRO43exam1studyguideF10 - ANTHROPOLOGY 43 STUDY GUIDE...

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ANTHROPOLOGY 43 STUDY GUIDE: MIDTERM 1 Midterm 1 will cover all assignments and lectures since the beginning of the semester, focusing on the topics of Ceramics, Basketry, and Textiles. Re-read all assigned readings in all your textbook(s) and the Native American Art and Culture Workbook. There will be approximately 45 multiple choice questions, and 10 slide identifications. • Bring a scantron form and #2 pencil . If you like to write your non-scantron answers in ink, bring your favorite pen as well. Other paper will be furnished by me. You are expected to know the culture area locations of Native American Cultural groups, and you should be familiar with the defining features of each culture area, as discussed in your Workbook. TERMS with which you should be familiar. Make sure you can define or identify and give the importance of these. Hint: you must be able to connect people and terms with the
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