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Anthropology 2 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Dr. Sandra Hollimon Office: Emeritus 1538A Office Hours: M 10:30-12, T 11-12 Phone: 521-7804 email: REQUIRED TEXT : Introducing Cultural Anthropology by Lenkeit (McGraw-Hill, 2009) COURSE OBJECTIVES : We will explore the following topics in local, regional, and global contexts. 1. The concept of culture in local and global use today. 2. Variations in
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collecting and analyzing cultural data (ethnography and ethnology). 3. Language and communication in individual and global cultural contexts. 4. Human relationships with nature; subsistence; and patterns of environmental balance. 5. Economic exchange in various cultural and global settings. 6. Kinship, marriage, and the family. 7. Childrearing and its relationship to personality in regional and global settings. 8. Religion and magic as forces of human unification and/or conflict. 9. Culture change and the future of globalization in anthropological perspective. COURSE FORMAT : This is basically a lecture class, so your attendance is very important. Slides and films will supplement the class lectures. You are expected to read all assigned text material, to take all exams, and to attend class regularly. Dates of exams, the timing of the progress through the course topics, and the due dates for assignments and exams are shown on the course outline. Any
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Anthro2syllabusF10 - Anthropology2...

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