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Anthro 2 Exam 1 Study Guide Ch.1 ethnography ethnology holistic perspective comparative method humanistic anthropology cultural relativism ethnocentrism scientific approach postmodernism Ch. 2 components of culture: cognitive processes, behaviors, material creations enculturation homogeneous cultures heterogeneous cultures integrated culture innovation (invention) diffusion ideal vs. real subculture microculture race ethnicity skin color cline vitamin D hypothesis folate hypothesis melanin ultraviolet radiation race as a social construct Ch. 3 ethics reflexive (narrative) ethnography
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Unformatted text preview: fieldwork culture shock life shock principal consultant/key informant rapport formal and informal interviews genealogical method life histories Nisa photography ethnographic film participant observation monograph Ch. 4 descriptive linguistics phonology phoneme morphology syntax morpheme historical linguistics ethnolinguistics Sapir-Whorf hypothesis sociolinguistics displacement silent language: kinesics, proxemics, cultural time, ritualized phrases, material culture...
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