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Anthro 2 Museum Assignment 1. Go to the SRJC Museum and sign in. 2. Look at the multicultural exhibits. These contain art from many parts of North America, from Mesoamerica, and from Africa. 3.Choose one item to describe. Give a full description including the material from which it is made, the name of the culture from which it comes, and the name of the artist (if known). You may draw a picture of the item if you choose (no photography is allowed). 4. Describe the function(s) of the object in its own cultural context. Does it have a utilitarian use? Was it used traditionally for ceremonial purposes? Is it "art for art's sake?"
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Unformatted text preview: If your assignment is more than one page, you must staple the pages together (no paper clips, "high school fold," etc.). Assignments longer than one page that are not stapled will not be accepted. This is worth up to 50 points. Your score will reflect thoroughness, attention to detail, spelling, and grammar. You will not be scored on your artistic ability if you choose to sketch the object. You may hand in this assignment at any time, but it must be turned in by Nov. 18 at 1:30 p.m....
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