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political systems power and authority sanctions decision making coercive power legitimate power class caste bands tribes chiefdoms states egalitarian social structure Big Man societies Rank societies urbanization studies. belief systems magic (imitative and contagious) Polytheistic belief systems religion supernatural forces supernatural beings priest shaman mana revitalization euphoria ghost soul ritual of intensification deities (gods and goddesses) trickster religion’s functions: euphoric, supportive, ecological, explanatory, disciplining, educational, revitalizing, cohesive rite of passage steps: separation, transition, and incorporation
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Unformatted text preview: “Old Man Coyote” Yanomamo shamans’ methods Ghost Dance religion Upper Paleolithic cave art Ethnomusicology New Zealand Maori facial tattoos Acculturation impact studies Unilineal evolution diffusionism Historicalism anthropological ethics Action anthropologists hegemony Imperialism colonialism globalization urban anthropology medical anthropology applied anthropology academic anthropology Mexican folk medicine remedies Deforestation in Haiti Design anthropologists corporate cultures...
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