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Asleep that may occur while talking or standing up

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Unformatted text preview: ng urge to fall asleep that may occur while talking or standing up while *Sleep Apnea *temporary cessation of breathing during sleep *momentary reawakenings *Somnambulism Somnambulism *sleepwalking Night Terrors and Nightmares *Nightmares Nightmares *frightening dreams that wake a sleeper from REM *Night Terrors *sudden arousal from sleep and intense fear accompanied by physiological reactions (e.g., rapid heart rate, perspiration) *occur within 2 or 3 hours of falling asleep, usually during Stage 4 *seldom remembered Dreams *Dream *sequence of images, emotions, and thoughts passing through a sleeping person’s mind person’s *hallucinatory imagery *discontinuities *incongruities *delusional acceptance of the content *difficulty remembering *occurs several times over the course of the night *true dream - vivid, detailed dreams consisting of sensory and motor sensations experienced during REM sensations *sleep thought - lacks vivid sensory and motor sensations, is more similar to daytime thinking, and occurs during slow-wave sleep daytime Dreams: Freud *Sigmund Freud--The Interpretation of Dreams (1900) *wish fulfillment wish *discharge otherwise unacceptable feelings *Latent Content *underlying meaning *Manifest Content *remembered story line, remembered *a censored symbolic version of the latent co...
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